2019 Synchronised Swimming Combo Cup - London

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City of Birmingham performed brilliantly at the London Combo Cup with the 15 and under team winning Gold for their routine of Chicago. The 13-15 team also won Bronze and the U12s came a respectable 17th.

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2019 National Championships

Strong performances by all girls who attended the National Championships in April 2019 in Nottingham.

In the Free Combination team COB came 6th. In the technical solo Tegan came 11th and Sydney came 13th. Elizabeth and Tegan came 9th in the technical duet. In the free solo, Mel came 15th and Tegan. It was a a brilliant achievement to competing at champs level!

2019 Warwickshire ASA Championships


The whole team performed brilliantly in the Warwickshire Championships in Rugby at the weekend. In the Warwickshire competition Birmingham won 10 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals. In the invitation competition, involving teams from throughout England, we won 10 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

Highlights included a clean sweep of golds for Phoebe Bradley-Smith in all figures and solos competitions for her age group and also for Phoebe and Lois Powell in the duet competitions; double wins for the 15-17 team, the 19 & under team and the open team; the overall solo championship for Phoebe; the overall duet championship for Phoebe and Lois; and the overall team championship for City of Birmingham. [Full results]

2019 Novice Competition

A fantastic result as the Novice competition held in Walsall with medals being won in most of the categories.


In the figures competition Grade zero, Sarwin Sawan from COB won Gold in the 8-10 category and Lola Forcer won silver. In Grade 1 category a brilliant result for Imogen Sutton who won Gold in the 8-10 category and bronze in the U12 age group. 13-15 grade zero, Sophia Eaton won silver and Ruby Edmonds Bronze. In 13-15 Grade 1, Edie Blossom Sheldon won silver. In 13-15 Grade 2, Mirander Langton won silver. There was success for the teams with both the U12 and 13-15 Combo teams winning silver.


2019 Midlands Age Groups


City of Birmingham had a fantastic result at the Midlands Age Groups competition.

Highlights included Lena Townsend & Louise MacDonagh winning gold and silver in both under 12 figures and solo categories. Niamh Lewis & Alyssa Anderson achieved 5th & 7th place in the figures category. Lena & Louise won gold and Niamh & Alyssa won silver in the u12 duet. 

Success was also achieved in the team categories with the U12 free team winning gold, 13-15 combination team winning silver and 13-18 - Division 2 team also achieving gold.

2019 National Age Group Championships - Manchester

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A brilliant achievement from the 13-15 combination team winning bronze. The U12 free team also achieved 5th place and 7th place for Louise MacDonagh in the solo category.