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Within a team for any particular age group there will typically be swimmers at different levels of ability, team routines are designed to allow less experienced competitors to take part alongside more experienced swimmers. This means that novices can start to take part in competitions while they are still at an early stage in their development. A team of up to 10 swimmers perform a routine to music and judges award marks for technical merit and artistic impression. There are novice competitions for the less experienced swimmer up to national competitions. Team routines are one of the most fun and exciting routines to swim for all ages as well as watch as they are filled with lifts and high energy movements. In synchro there are also solo and duet routines that are practised and then performed at competitions, the swimmers who are selected to swim the solos and duets are the swimmers who have showed hard work and dedication throughout the year.



Each competitor individually performs a set of defined movements and positions to the judges. The objective is to perform each figure as perfectly as possible, the averaged score from figures is combined with the routine score meaning that the higher you score on figures the higher you will place with routines as well as medals being given for figures, music is not used for this part of the competition.


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